BMW E39 528i Muffler deleted - sound

BMW E39 528i Muffler deleted - sound from youtube by Zymh
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This is my BMW E39 528i. This is just a muffler deleted video, with some revs and pulls. In my first E39 muffler delete video, I did say I'll make a better video, so here it is.
This exhaust setup is just temporary till I get better exhaust, but I don't rush with it because I have other priorities first, for example better suspension. My plan in future for this car is, better suspension, new Hella headlight installment and Supersport (or similarly) muffler with Y-resonator delete. This will happen after Christmas I'm afraid.

Wheels: Rondell D58 (0058)
Specs: 8.5x18et13 and 10x18et19

Camera: Nikon D3100
Song at the end: Haywyre - Aquatic Stimulation (Dj Sonik Remix)

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