Florida Grandma Allegedly Stabs 6-Year-Old Grandson to Death

Florida Grandma Allegedly Stabs 6-Year-Old Grandson to Death from dailymotion by Geo Beats
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A woman claiming she was "fed up" with her grandsons' mother, is accused of killing one of them.

A Florida grandmother was babysitting her two young grandsons when she allegedly murdered one of them.

8-year-old Aidan and 6-year-old Mason Rhinehart were playing video games while their grandmother watched them in their Tallahassee home.

Their grandma, 63-year-old Martha White, told the boys she had a surprise for them. She proceeded to take Mason into the bathroom with her.

From the bathroom, Aidan could hear his little brother crying and screaming things like, "Please don't kill me Grandma!"

Aidan couldn't get into the locked bathroom, so he reportedly called his father, Zack White, who told him to yell his brother's name.

After doing so and getting no response, Aidan was instructed by his father to hide.

First responders found Mason in the bathroom with multiple stab wounds to his chest. He later died at the hospital.

When detectives arrived at the scene, arrest papers say Aidan told them he saw his grandmother leave the house with a bottle of wine.

Martha White was later found in her car parked at a nearby park covered in blood, with wine and Xanax in her possession.

According to police, she said she killed her grandson because she was "fed up" with the boys' mother.

After a medical examination, Martha White was booked at the Leon County Jail on a first-degree murder charge. She is being held without bond.

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