Florida Man Charged With Stealing $2 Million Worth of Toys

Florida Man Charged With Stealing $2 Million Worth of Toys from dailymotion by Geo Beats
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One man in Florida reportedly made a killing off of Toys R Us goods which he acquired illegally. 48-year-old Ignatius Michael Pollara, is currently behind bars for allegedly stealing $2 million worth of toys.

Thieves probably can't imagine making a ton of money from stealing toys.

However, 48-year-old Ignatius Michael Pollara allegedly stole $2 million worth of toys from Toys R Us.

He is contesting his competency to go through a legal trial. According to court documents, over the course of Pollara’s 10-year long thieving career, he ventured through all 50 states swiping kids goodies from Toys R Us shelves, as well as other retailers.

He chose a method called “box stuffing” to carry out the thefts. Pollara, along with two accomplices, one of whom was his own mother, would enter the stores and pick up an affordable item sealed in a large box.

They would then hide the contents throughout the store, load the box with smaller, costlier items and re-seal it with tape.

Paying the inexpensive ticket price on the box meant the team was able to make off with hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of merchandise every time. However, it didn’t take long for law enforcement to get involved and were ultimately able to track the greedy suspect though the retailers rewards card.

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