How to Clutch, Deal With AWPers

How to Clutch, Deal With AWPers from youtube by TheWarOwl
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tips and tricks series where YOU are the star, for all the wrong reasons, but don't worry we're going to find out what those reasons are, and help you improve, at CS:GO.

This time we take a look at how to clutch, when you're chillin' across the map and your teammates go down, leaving you in a 1vX, it can get very nerve wracking, this is the time to keep cool, line up your shots, and push on forward. Understand time control, understand position control!

Next we move on to discuss how to deal with AWPers, dem nasty folks with the sniper rifles. AWPs are good at holding down positions, so a win against an AWPer is not a frag, but taking the position they hold so dear.

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