HOW TO DEAL WITH COPS - Parkour & Freerunning

HOW TO DEAL WITH COPS - Parkour & Freerunning from youtube by Austin The Parkour Shooter
featured video : Parkour and Freerunning Stunts - RIDING WITH A GHOST by Sub Over Hype
featured video : How to deal with an aggressive cop.
MUSIC BY Joakim Karud:
UPDATE: This video was inspired by Casey, but I did not try to RIP HIM OFF. I used it as a tool to work towards developing my own style of vlogging, I had no Idea how similar it was to Casey until the video started gaining popularity. For that I APOLOGIZE. THANK YOU CASEY FOR YOU INSPIRATION, I CREDIT YOU AS A PART OF MY SUCCESS SO FAR. I will be will develop my own style, and will avoid wholesale theft ;) 5/16/2016

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